Frequently Asked Questions
  • When and where do you hold lessons?  My private teaching schedule currently runs Tuesday through Thursday, as well as every other Saturday, all year long at my home.  
  • Can anyone learn to sing? Yes!  While only a small percentage of us will become professional singers, I have yet to see a student who doesn't improve with consistent attendance, practice and dedication.
  • Must I audition to gain entrance to the studio?  Yes, I ask potential students at our initial meeting to sing something they know.  I check their vocal range, pitch accuracy and we discuss goals.  If I feel my studio is not a good fit for the student, I can recommend another capable instructor.
  • Can you teach me to read music?  Yes, I believe it is part of my job to teach my students to become better musicians.  For those without a musical background, I offer a self-directed music theory program.  And ALL my students are assigned music sight-reading exercises.
  • How often should I practice?  For beginners, I suggest 5 practice sessions per week consisting of 15-20 minutes of vocal exercises.  Songs can be practiced in addition to that.  Advanced singers should practice more than this.  Ideally, practice can be split up in 10-15 minute segments.
  • How long before I learn to sing well?  Vocal training takes focus and dedication.  Some students are gifted with a well-placed natural voice, while others have unintentionally developed many problems to overcome.  It is the vocal exercises which play an important part in building the voice.  These techniques are gradually transferred to songs, and vocal progress naturally occurs with practice